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Achieving Superior Risk-Adjusted Performance: Stamper Capital & Investments, Inc. Separately Managed Accounts earned better rewards with less risk than National Short Municipal Bond Funds over 3, 5, and 10 year periods.  From ‘Presentations‘ section.

Stamper Capital Weblog: Calling the Super All-Everything DOUBLE Top & Decline

January 2024 Annual Forecast  in Annual Forecasts

Stamper Capital & Investments, Inc.
Separately Managed Accounts (National Tax-Free) vs. Tax-Free Municipal Bond Indices
Annual Total Returns, Period Ended 4-30-2024

Morningstar Muni Short Category AverageSCI Separately Managed Tax-Fee Municipal Accounts Composite Net of FeesSCI Separately Managed Accounts Net Pre-Tax Equivalent*Bloomberg Barclay's
3 Year Tax-Free
Muni Bond Index
1 Year2.67%
3 Years0.37%2.17%3.34%-0.23%
5 Years1.08%2.14%3.30%0.99%
10 Years1.05%2.07%3.18%1.14%
15 Years1.44%2.20%3.39%1.57%
Since Inception (1/1/1995)N/A3.64%5.60%N/A

Note: Indices do not have fees (trading costs, custody fees, management fees, etc.) deducted from their returns. We now have a much more reasonable index to compare to - the Bloomberg Barclay's 3 Year Tax-Free Municipal Index. We still aim for similar or better returns with less risk - The key with this table is that our longer term pre-tax municipal bond returns are noticeably higher than the bond market index but with What We Think is less risk - we will see when rates start to rise and/or credit quality yield spreads widen.
Please see the Disclaimer and Footnotes at the bottom of the page for more information.
* at 35% Federal tax rate

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RiskRewardLogo_BAn in-depth performance review of portfolio manager Clark Stamper’s 20 year record as mutual fund manager – September 1, 2010:  This article shows that Stamper was able to have one of the longest tenures managing a muni fund for over 20 years in the industry all while producing superior risk-adjusted returns over the past decade (ending 6/30/2010), compared to the competition.  Clark Stamper Completes a Superior 20-Year Run Managing the Former Evergreen Strategic Municipal Bond Fund.  From ‘Presentations‘ section.

How our Long-Term Forecast from 2ndQtr 2002 is being realized!  See how Stamper Capital’s President and Portfolio Manager has been proved correct in his Market Forecasts in the article:  ‘W’hat Goes Up Must Come Down: Stamper Capital & Investments Forecasts Become Reality.  From ‘Market Analysis‘ section.

Superior Risk Adjusted Performance

How Stamper Capital Portfolio Management beat FOUR Muni Categories over a 10-Year period using upside-potential/downside-protection strategy  –  Read:  Stamper Capital & Investments, Inc. Portfolio Management Tops the Tax-Free Municipal Competition Across FOUR Categories Over Three, Five, and Ten Year Periods: Clark Stamper Explains.  From ‘Presentations‘ section.

Stamper Capital’s Upside Potential/Downside Protection Methodology, Applied on Equities! We are contemplating opening our “Stamper Strategic Long/Short/Fixed Equity Composite,” private account management where we go short and long equity-risk type of investments. Please see our Portfolio Manager’s interview:  Interview with Portfolio Manager, Clark Stamper: How did the Stamper Strategic Long/Short/Fixed Composite achieve a total return of 98% for year 2008?.  From ‘Presentations‘ section.

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