Trade Documentation

Trade Documentation

At Stamper Capital we are dedicated to creating and implementing the most professional investment strategies and decisions. Part of what makes our strategies successful is how we track our investment decisions. Since 1990 our portfolio managers have made over 10,000 purchases and sales, which we have fully documented:

Proprietary Database:  Each trade is tracked in our extensive, proprietary database where we also analyze calls and tenders, etc. and perform other portfolio management functions and analysis.

Written Analysis:  In addition to the database, we keep a written log detailing every transaction made, why we made it and any future considerations which may affect if we continue to hold the position. If and when we sell a position, we detail why we originally purchased it, why we are selling it and how it worked out. We believe following this discipline of documenting, in writing, each purchase and each sale has helped us achieve our top-rated performance record.

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