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The Value of Escrowed and Prerefunded Bonds  With so much talk about the risk in muni’s these days, it is good to know there are still some safety in Municipal Bonds for investors who know where to look.

Muni Investors Should Not Limit Themselves to New Issue Bonds  Many great opportunities for smart investors lie in the Secondary Market if they have expert investment guidance to find them.

Investing in Municipal Bonds is Not a DIY Project  Muni bonds are a notoriously difficult asset class for average investors to buy into on their own.  Here we explain the potential pitfalls of investing in Muni’s without an experienced guide to help!

Is Your Municipal Bond Portfolio Safe?  How can you tell?  In this piece, we explore some basic items for muni investors to consider when reviewing their muni portfolio to determine if their investments are really protecting their money.

Bond Basics  The very minimum investors should know when considering whether to get involved with bond ownership.

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