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1. SCI Quick Overview – We are a boutique Registered Investment Advisor, specializing in high net worth individual tax-free municipal bond accounts. See our Expertise page.

2. Mission – Our mission is to provide our clients with prudent, responsible investment advice and generate the best possible risk-adjusted returns.

3. Proprietary Strategy – Our strategy is to hand-pick rare bonds for our client’s accounts that exhibit decent upside-potential (returns) while demonstrating downside-protection that is appropriate to current and anticipated market conditions.

4. Methodology/Implementation – Our portfolio manager has been an RIA for over 20 years, and has developed long-term relationships with institutional brokers who can offer lower fees than ordinary retail investors could possibly get. Read more about our investment philosophy Here.

5. Performance/Awards – SCI has a long-term publicly documented track record managing a mutual fund that garnered numerous awards and recognition (Lipper & Morningstar) due to its performance compared to competitors in the same category.

6. Services – We offer a choice of National Tax-Free Municipal Bond Separately Managed Accounts (SMAs) which provide tax-free income with better principal safety, State-Specific Tax-Free Municipal Bond SMAs, which offer more tax-free income but are more risky than National portfolios, or Prerefunded Municipal Bond SMAs, which are backed by true U.S. Government Securities and have a liquidity and safety priority. More details about the services we offer can be found Here.

7. Biography – Our Portfolio Manager, B. Clark Stamper, has over 20 years of investment experience and is a municipal bond industry expert. Read his professional biography Here.

8. Presentations, Education, Opinions – See our long-term market comments and verify how well our forecasts have come to fruition over the years Here.

9. In The News – Our Portfolio Manager has been interviewed in dozens of industry and mainstream publications over his career – read the articles Here.

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