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SCI’s Top Track Record

Stamper Capital & Investments, Inc. has a long-term, publicly available track-record that places us in the upper echelon of asset managers in the Tax-free Municipal Bond category and the Long/Short Equity Composite. Stamper earned Awards from external third-party sources, Morningstar and Lipper – see details Here.

20 Year Portfolio Manager of the Evergreen Strategic Municipal Bond Fund

Clark Stamper managed the Evergreen Strategic Municipal Bond Fund since July 1990. Stamper Capital & Investments, Inc. was formed and began management under Clark Stamper in July 1995. Stamper Managed the fund until July 2010, for a total of 20 years managing the fund. Read about his 20-year run in this article, Clark Stamper Completes a Superior 20-Year Run Managing the Former Evergreen Strategic Municipal Bond Fund, and see a presentation of the growth of that fund over the majority of Stamper’s management here: Evergreen Strategic Municipal Bond Fund I-Shares.

More about SCI Here.

SCI’s Proprietary Investment Methodology & Independently Developed Systems

Seeking to Maximize Risk-Adjusted Performance is the professional, responsible, long-term investment goal that we focus on at Stamper Capital & Investments Inc.

Common Risks in investing include; Market Risk, Credit Risk, Risk of Inflation, Risk of Deflation and Interest Rate Risk. All investments are vulnerable to these types of risks and investors must have a firm understanding of these risks to build an enduring portfolio.

Security Characteristics Risks are special characteristics that bonds have (like calls and sinkers) which can determine the upside potential and downside protection of an investment.

Rewards, put simply, are what we invest for!

By Focusing on the Upside Potential & Downside Protection of each investment we build portfolios that earn the most for the money in terms of reward per risk taken.

Read more about our Invesment Philosophy Here.

Read more about our Strategy Here.

Read more about our Trade Documentation.

SCI in Business Since 1995

Stamper Capital & Investments was originally founded in 1995 by B. Clark Stamper to subadvise the Venture Muni Plus (+) fund (later named Davis High Income Muni, Evergreen High Yield Muni, Evergeen Strategic Municipal Bond Fund, and presently the Wells Advantage Strategic Municipal Bond Fund). Mr. Stamper later began accepting High Net Worth Individual and Institutional Tax-Free Municipal Bond account clients upon request. Today SCI solely manages private separately managed tax-free municipal bond accounts for high new worth individuals on a fee-only basis.

Personal Service – Clients Get Direct Access to Top Portfolio Management

At Stamper Capital, we answer your calls in person, and we work hard to respond to your emails as soon as possible, within 24 hours or less. Our corporation has a short chain of command that ensures your questions and concerns are addressed by the portfolio manager personally, without middle-men to slow our response time. We believe our lean-mean corporate culture gives us an operational advantage to out-maneuver our larger, more bureaucratic competitors to serve you better.

At Stamper Capital, the Portfolio Manager personally actively manages your custom municipal bond account every day, and is an industry expert at hand-picking and researching each position in your portfolio. Read more about the Services we offer here.

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