Benefits of High Net Worth Separately Managed Accounts

Reasons to Open a Separately Managed Account with Stamper Capital Today:

  • Customized Management is tailored to Your Needs and goals
  • The Great Bonds in your portfolio cannot be diluted by new shareholders
  • Asset-based management fees may be tax-deductible
  • You take advantage of an inefficient market – municipal bonds

Client’s of Stamper Capital & Investments, Inc. benefit from:

  • Direct access to our Senior, Institutional Portfolio management
  • You can have a National Tax-Free &/or State Tax-Free account
  • Choice of Non-Alternative Minimum Tax (AMT) or AMT
  • No conflicts of interest – SCI is not owned by a broker dealer or an investment bank, see SCI ADV Part II.
  • Lower Commissions – The institutional broker commissions we negotiate for our high net worth clients are generally significantly less than retail broker commissions – proper trade execution is half the battle to achieving superior risk-adjusted performance
  • You generally get Better Prices – Odd-lots provide better upside/downside characteristics because we can generally purchase them at lower prices than round lots
  • Seasoned Institutional Management
  • Dedicated full-time expertise in the bond markets
  • Prudent, professional underwriting methodologies that have been successful through several cycles – since 1990
  • Proprietary Investment Management Systems
  • Long-term publicly documented track-record assures you’re working with the best!

If you have any questions or you want to have Stamper Capital manage your High Net Worth Private Account, please call us at 949-673-5787 or send us an email at:

Have our Portfolio Manager review your existing Municipal Bond Portfolio today!

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