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Separately Managed Accounts (National Tax-Free) vs. Tax-Free Municipal Bond Indices
Annual Total Returns, Period Ended 4-30-2019

Morningstar Muni Short CategorySCI Separately Managed Tax-Fee Municipal Accounts Composite Net of FeesSCI Separately Managed Accounts Net Pre-Tax Equivalent*Bloomberg Barclay's Municipal Bond Index
1 Year2.72%
3 Years1.07%2.19%3.37%2.59%
5 Years1.08%1.99%3.07%3.56%
10 Years1.67%2.23%3.43%4.55%
15 Years2.06%2.72%4.19%4.40%
Since Inception (1/1/1995)N/A3.95%6.08%N/A

Note: Indices do not have management fees or trading costs deducted from returns.
We aim for similar returns with far less risk - The key with this table is that our pre-tax municipal bond returns are around the same as the bond market indices (which have no fees) BUT the bond indices posted negative returns during certain quarters during the fifteen year period.
Please see Disclaimer and Footnotes at the bottom of the page for more information.
* at 35% Federal tax rate

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