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What is the difference between private account management and investing in mutual funds?

Private accounts offer many benefits over other investment alternatives. Our Clients get access to an institutional money manager with a publicly documented top-rated track record and the option to have your account created specifically to meet your current and long-term financial goals.


What is the minimum account size to be a Client of Stamper Capital & Investments Inc?

The minimum to open an account with Stamper Capital is $1 million.  Please see our Services section for more specific information about our fees.


What are the benefits of “fee-based” asset management over “commission-based?”

Our Clients pay SCI a fee based on the amount of assets we manage for them rather than commissions on trades we do for them.

The principal advantage to both parties is that it puts both the Client and the manager on the same side of the table – it properly aligns our interests with our Clients, lessening conflicts of interest. Usually if SCI does well for the client both the Client and SCI benefit, as the client has more assets.  Stamper Capital & Investments, Inc. is a fee-only advisor. 


What fees are associated with having a High Net Worth Private Account with Stamper Capital & Investments Inc?

Stamper Capital’s private account management fee is based on the assets under management:

Private Account Management Fees (Direct)

  • On the first $1,000,000:  .60 of 1% per annum
  • On the next $1,000,000:  .50 of 1% per annum
  • On the next $5,000,000:  .40 of 1% per annum
  • On balances over $7,000,000:  Negotiable

Other fees in conjunction with a private account at Stamper Capital & Investments, Inc. would be fees charged in association with the brokerage house or bank where you choose to safe keep your securities (We can help you with the lower cost alternatives – 5 basis points to 15 basis points annually).  Please see our Services section for more specific information about our fees.

Where are SCI Clients’ bonds kept?

Our Clients keep their bonds at the brokerage or bank of their choice. We can help you find and use lower cost alternatives, such as T.D. Ameritrade. The account is yours – we help you fill out paper work authorizing Stamper Capital to conduct securities transactions in your account on your behalf. Importantly, neither Stamper Capital nor its employees have actual access to your securities or cash.

In addition to sending you monthly and quarterly statements, your account provider gives you 24-hour internet access to your account so you can see at all times what is going on in your portfolio.

Are there any commissions charged for private accounts?

Our Clients only pay Stamper Capital the asset-based fee detailed above. Stamper Capital does not charge or receive brokerage commissions; however, brokers with whom we work charge commissions on purchases and sales of bonds we transact for Our Clients. The commissions brokers charge are built into each bond’s purchase or sale price. Since Stamper Capital is an institutional manager, we work with institutional brokers whose commissions are generally much lower than average retail broker commissions. For instance, commissions on municipal bonds through a retail broker may range from 1 to 3 points, whereas institutional brokerage commissions we negotiate for Our Clients are in the 1/8th to less than one point range.


Do you have any job openings?

Thank you for your interest. See our Employment page for more information.

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