August 2011 Presentation:  An outline detailing Stamper Capital & Investments Inc. history, track record, portfolio manager, and other related information to give an overview of our company and the services we offer.

June 2011 Presentation: 20 Years of 5 Star Management  Stamper Capital & Investments, Inc. Sub-Advised the Wells Fargo Advantage Strategic Municipal Bond Fund for over twenty years, and garnered the Morningstar 5-star rating for the ten-year period long enough to say we were 5-star rated continuously over the entire 20-year period.

September 2010 Presentation: “Clark Stamper Completes a Superior 20-Year Run Managing the Former Evergreen Strategic Municipal Bond Fund; Provides Top-Notch Returns Over Last Decade for Little Risk!” This article shows that Stamper was able to have one of the longest tenures managing a muni fund for over 20 years in the industry all while producing superior risk-adjusted returns over the past decade (ending 6/30/2010), when compared to the competition.

July 2010 Presentation:  “Achieving Superior Risk-Adjusted Performance: Stamper Capital & Investments, Inc. Separately Managed Accounts Earns Better Rewards with Less Risk Versus National Short Municipal Bond Funds”  Over 3-year, 5-year, and 10-year periods, this risk-reward analysis shows the level of risk our portfolio manager takes while creating excellent returns when compared with competing mutual funds with similar goals.

June 2010 Presentation: “Stamper Capital & Investments, Inc. Portfolio Management Tops the Tax-Free Municipal Competition Across FOUR Categories Over Three, Five, and Ten Year Periods: Clark Stamper Explains” In this article, our Portfolio Manager B. Clark Stamper, explains how he outperformed in four municipal bond categories over a 3, 5, and 10 year period (ending 5/31/2009) on a risk-adjusted basis using Stamper Capital’s “upside potential/downside protection” methodology.

March 2010 Presentation: “Interview with Portfolio Manager, Clark Stamper: How did the Stamper Strategic Long/Short/Fixed Composite achieve a total return of 98% for year 2008?” In this article, our Portfolio Manager B. Clark Stamper, answers questions about the Stamper Strategic Long/Short/Fixed Composite’s performance not only for 2008 but over the past ten years.

February 2009 Presentation: “How We Achieved the Top Municipal Bond Fund Ranking At The Bottom of The Worst Downturn in the Municipal Bond Market in 30 years: An interview with B. Clark Stamper” In this interview, our Portfolio Manager, B. Clark Stamper, answers questions about the Fund’s top performance in the worst municipal bond market in decades, including his Strategic Proactive Management before the debacle.

December 2008 Presentation: See a presentation about how our Sub-Advised fund outperformed for the period 12/13/1989 to 9/30/2008, including the 2008 crash Here.

Stamper Capital & Investments, Inc. is a Fee-Based Advisor specializing in Separately Managed Municipal Bond Portfolios.

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